In last one year, 410 cases of abuse of women, children registered in Faisalabad PS



Faisalabad, SEPT 29: The incidence of abuse and malpractice is increasing day by day Recently, a shopkeeper abused a mentally handicapped and orphaned girl in Jaranwala According to his FIR Saira, 13, went to the shop to get a bargain Shopkeeper Abdul Jabbar forcibly raped the girl.

The second incident took place in the area of People’s Colony No. 2 of Batala Colony Police Station in the presence of daughters. According to the case, the accused Iftikhar and Ramzan forced their way into the house after drinking alcohol.

Iftikhar took Nasreen into the room and allegedly raped her The third incident was the alleged gang rape of two cousins abducted from Satiana police station area. The accused abducted the two girls from the fields outside the house and took them to Jhang and continued to gang-rape them. As soon as the girls got a chance, they called 15 police and Jhang police rescued them The report was sent to the District Public Prosecutor by all the prosecutors District Public Prosecutor Zul Sabteen Amir Told

In the last one year, 410 cases of abuse of women and children have been registered in Faisalabad police stations In only 13 cases were the accused convicted by the courts Accused acquitted in 82 cases

206 cases of abuse of women and children are currently awaiting verdicts And 293 cases of abuse of women were registered The accused were convicted in 12 cases of rape Accused acquitted in 73 cases of rape 149 cases of abuse of women are pending Faisalabad police stations registered 117 cases of misconduct during the last one year Only one case of misconduct was convicted The accused were acquitted in nine cases of misconduct 57 cases of malpractice are pending The tradition of timely submission of challan by the police is also maintained A letter has been written to the CPO regarding sending the challan soon In most cases, the accused are acquitted due to the deviation of witnesses.