President Arif Alvi distributes achievement awards




ISLAMABAD, SEPT 28 – The President of Pakistan Arif Alvi said to make Faisalabad the industrial, commercial and business hub of South Asia  The city will have state-of-the-art facilities of international standard. In which awards were distributed among the 24 leading personalities who have excelled in various fields of industry and trade. He told despite corona, the national economy is improving.

He appreciated the policy of smart lockdown for promotion of exports and increase in industrial production He said that the entire nation had taken the SOP very seriously to deal with this global crisis.

On which he deserves congratulations. Not only exports and national production will not be affected but also the problem of unemployment due to the industrial downturn will be overcome. He said that with the grace of God Almighty and the efforts of the government, Karuna has been overcome to a great extent.

Now, traders and industrialists have a key role to play in getting the economy back on track

And he said he sees Faisalabad as a key industrial, commercial and business hub for the region in the next few years. Are And in this regard, the government is not only redefining its policies

In addition, the necessary funds are being allocated for the provision of international standard infrastructure And after M3 Industrial Estate in Faisalabad, construction of Allama Iqbal Industrial City has started under C-Pack. There will also be joint ventures based on modern technology

And through them where large-scale modern export goods will be produced and people will find new employment opportunities. There, the local SME industry will also be encouraged to adopt new technologies Our industrialists will have to introduce their own world-class brands,” he said

So that not only more foreign exchange can be earned through “Made in Pakistan” all over the world

In fact, the peaceful identity of Pakistan could be highlighted And that is gratifying At the moment, many of our companies are already developing international brands

Are However, now our manufacturers have to introduce their brands to the global markets He also appreciated the role of Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Rana Muhammad Sikandar Azam Khan in presenting the issues of Faisalabad in a very effective manner.  He said the government fully agrees with their demands And the necessary instructions and funds for their solution will be issued soon He also promised to build a modern and international standard link road to connect the east and west motorways of Faisalabad city. He said that instructions are being issued to the concerned departments in this regard Earlier, Punjab Minister for Industry and Commerce Mian Aslam Iqbal said in his brief address

He said that they are developing industrial status of international standard for the comprehensive industrial development of Faisalabad Under C-Pack, a state-of-the-art export processing zone will also be set up in Faisalabad And the initial construction work on it will start soon

He said that the only and state-of-the-art IT university of the province would also be built in M3 industrial estate. In addition to solving the technical problems facing existing industries, they are also encouraged to adopt modern technology. Rana Muhammad Sikandar Azam Khan, President, Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that Faisalabad was contributing a valuable 20% to the country’s overall national economy. But it is not getting its fair share for development purposes

He said that a state-of-the-art expo center of international standard should be constructed in Faisalabad for holding industrial exhibitions. And that a High Court bench should be set up to provide cheap justice to 20 million people of Faisalabad division at their doorstep. Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry should be represented in the Board of Directors of various departments of the Federal Government. Apart from building a new airport in the city, financial resources should also be provided for the comprehensive development of the city.