Former VC of Agricultural University booked in anti-corruption case in Faisalabad




FAISALABAD, SEPT 28 –  According to the anti-corruption report. It is written in the report Rana admits corruption of crores of rupees, nepotism And are involved in serious violations such as abuse of power Rana Iqrar, as Vice Chancellor, recruited his special people on the occasion Gold medalist and no one with merit got the job While jobs with recommendation and money Iqrar Ahmad Khan remained the Vice Chancellor of the Non-Agricultural University for almost 9 years without any participation and continued to make a new history of corruption. Accused Rana Iqrar made 608 illegal recruitments during his tenure

Rana Aqrar illegally recruited 138 gazetted and 470 non-gazetted recruits The accused continued to violate the Constitution of Pakistan, Punjab Government laws and the University Act By making illegal and slip recruitments, the accused caused a loss of about Rs 42 crore to the national exchequer

The accused continued to receive two salaries at a time Rana Iqrar, along with VC, became the project director of a foreign NGO and received a salary of Rs. The accused paid Rs 9 million without the approval of the Chancellor And it is written in the anti-corruption report Other serious financial irregularities are being investigated against the accused

Prof Dr Iqrar Ahmed Khan attained his PhD from the University of California, Riverside, US.  He has a long and multifarious career in education, research and administration He is a scientist of eminence and bestowed with astute management skills.