Pakistan-SiChuan Chamber of Commerce established in Chengdu, China



BEIJING, Sep 25 – Pakistan-SiChuan Chamber of Commerce was established in Chengdu, China to promote bilateral trade and open avenues of socio-economic partnership.It’s inaugural meeting was held in Chengdu, on Friday. According to Gwadar Pro, the PSCC was initiated by Sichuan enterprises invested in Pakistan.

The chamber has been approved by China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and supported by The China Department of Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It set up a secretariat in Islamabad and a representative office in Chengdu, China.

The PSCC will provide both Pakistani and Chinese enterprises a platform for resource sharing, service convergence, project alignment and advantage display.Muhammad Mudassir Tipu, the director general (China), the former Consul General of Pakistan in Chengdu, and the speaker at the World Economic Forum, delivered a speech at the meeting that CPEC is fruitful and the friendship between the two countries is unbreakable.

In the future, Southwest China, represented by Sichuan Province, will play an important role in the CPEC.“Sichuan province, in fact, the southwest of China is critically important region for Pakistan and CPEC,” Tipu said, “a lot of economic opportunities are being created between the southwest of China and the northeast of Pakistan.For example, two mega projects have been brought into CPEC in this region, Azad Pattan Project and Kohala Power Project.”“

Including energy projects, a lot of infrastructure projects under CPEC has been completed. Now, CPEC is coming to its second phase which is focused on industrial and socio-economic development.We have identified nine special economic zones which will attract a lot of investment to Pakistan,” he added, “The CPEC Joint Cooperation Committee (JCC) meeting to be held in October or November this year will also be a key element to further deepen bilateral cooperation.”

Tipu believed that Pakistan has already possessed certain ability in industrial and socio-economic field, and the business communities of the two countries should continue to deepen cooperation.“Pakistan now has a lot of talent, such as lawyers, doctors, technicians and so on, as well as a lot of mature enterprises in this sector.Therefore, Chinese and Pakistani companies should further cooperate to jointly complete projects in Pakistan, ” he added.