Alisher Navoi Uzbek Language Center at Peshawar University



ISLAMABAD: The Embassy of Uzbekistan to Pakistan took part in the opening ceremony of Alisher Navoi Uzbek Language Center» at Peshawar University.

At the event, a collection of books, «Explanatory Dictionary of the Uzbek language» published in a new edition by the Department of State Language Development of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan, as well as works by Alisher Navoi, various literatures and collections were solemnly handed over to the Center.

Under the initiative of the Embassy, Peshawar University hosted a scientific and literary conference dedicated to the works of Alisher Navoi, in which linguists, specialists and students spoke about the life, work, legacy and role of this great thinker in the history of Uzbekistan.


Views were expressed on the great contribution of Alisher Navoi to the development of the Uzbek language, literature and his scientific work.