Pak envoy lauds Chinese companies’ work in Pakistan



Beijing, Sep 18  – Pakistan’s ambassador Moin ul Haque here lauded the achievements of China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) in doing its socio-economic work in Pakistan, says a report published by Gwadar Pro.

During his meeting with Wang Jianping, chairman of CRCC, he noted the Chinese side is doing well while working with China Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC).

The two sides exchanged views on strengthening cooperation on infrastructure projects.

CRCC has built several major projects under CPEC in Pakistan, including the Phase II project of Thar Coal Mine and the Karakoram highway reroute project of Dasu Hydropower Station.

Mr. Haque said CRCC had built many quality projects for Pakistan. In the period of COVID-19 pandemic, CRCC and the people of Pakistan have helped each other, demonstrating the responsibility of Chinese companies.

He hoped that CRCC takes an active part in Pakistan’s infrastructure construction. He believed that bilateral cooperation will yield fruitful results.

Haque last week also met Wang Jicheng, the chairman of MCC. They exchanged views on epidemic prevention and control, production and operation, current difficulties and future planning of Saindak Mine in Pakistan.

Haque said that when the Pakistani government met lots of difficulties to develop the Saindak mine, it was the prompt decision of MCC to contract for infrastructure construction and lease the operation that broke the impasses.

During the epidemic, MCC once again offered assistance by donating supplies to Balochistan province and local people.

The Ambassador expressed his gratitude and fully affirmed the achievements of MCC. He said that in Pakistan, where the epidemic has raged, the Saindak project has not only kept the infection-free in project field, but also kept normal construction and production, sustaining the livelihoods of local families.

Haque said, “Pakistan and China have a good tradition of helping each other and going through thick and thin together. As long as we are firm in our confidence and face up to difficulties, we will surely overcome difficulties.”