More than 1600 women prisoners in 99 different jails in Pakistan



Faisalabad, SEPT 18 – A human rights organization Irshad Parkaash President, Adara  Samaji Bahdood to the statistics of the various prisons in Pakistan at present Including 13 foreign women There are more than 1,600 female prisoners Who are facing various cases  These cases include murder, kidnapping, drug trafficking

In Punjab, the largest province of Pakistan At most about a thousand women are prisoners Punjab accounts for 70% of total female prisoners 20% Sindh, 17% are in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 2% are in Balochistan jails. About 70.7% of women prisoners, or 750 cases, are pending in various courts.

Ali Akbar Gujjar, superintendent of Faisalabad District Jail, said At the District Jail, we have provided the best facilities for women prisoners Women prisoners who love to read We have brought him Islamic books The best lady doctor is available to treat them And the best management of medicine

Women who are incarcerated for minor crimes They pay their fines out of their own pockets and get them released There are a total of 103 women prisoners in Faisalabad There are 98 married women

05 are unmarried Among female prisoners by age 02 female prisoners 10 to 20 years, 19 prisoners 20 to 30 years ,58 prisoners 30 to 40 years ,And 23 prisoners 40 to 50 years, And 01 prisoner is 50 to 60 years, old Out of 37 jails in Punjab, Rawalpindi Central Jail has the highest number of women prisoners

The lowest number of women in Toba Tek Singh District Jail in Punjab is 4 In terms of crime, the highest number of 450 women are imprisoned for murder. Punjab Advocate Mohsin Raza Malik, Advisor to Chairperson, Child Protection and Welfare Bureau Eight women have been executed so far in Pakistan’s 70-year rule The first execution was carried out in October 1958 on a woman named Ghulam Fatima

The last execution was in 1985 in Jhelum Jail for two women No women have been hanged since then. There are currently 99 jails in Pakistan, including Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan Including four women prisoners A Punjab Jail ie Women’s Jail, Multan And three prisons in Sindh province, namely women’s prisons, Larkana, Women’s Jail, Karachi And special women’s prisons. Hyderabad During the rule of former President General (retd) Pervez Musharraf More than seven prisons for women prisoners were approved in principle But since his government left, it has not been implemented.