‘Domestic players not required to resign from their departments’ PCB


Lahore : Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has once again reiterated that the domestic players are not required to resign from their parent departments in order to obtain contracts for the 2020-21 domestic season.

PCB released its statement after growing opposition to the existing domestic structure, which was introduced as a replacement for the previous departmental set-up.

“The PCB is neither asking the players to resign nor to cancel existing contracts with their departments if they are interested in securing player contracts for the 2020-21 domestic season,” the PCB said in a statement.

“All the PCB is asking from the employed and contracted cricketers, in accordance with applicable policies and SOPs, is for them to provide No Objective Certificates (NOC) from their departments so that they can be offered contracts for the 2020-21 domestic season. The issuance of such NOCs is part of the normal course of business; is not only a PCB requirement but that of the departments as well; and is, in fact, an established past practice,” it added.

“Once the relevant NOC has been issued by the player’s parent organization and submitted to the PCB, the PCB will make payments in accordance with the terms of the contract it has executed with the player.”
Domestic season 2020-21 is slated to start from November 30 with National T20 Cup in Multan and Rawalpindi.

“An employed cricketer can be offered 2020-21 domestic contract provided that the player has submitted the relevant NOC issued by his employer to the PCB in accordance with the rules and regulations applicable to such players. Whether or not the player will be paid by the employer is a matter between the two entities.”

The PCB has further explained that two types of contracts will be offered to the high-performing domestic players.

“A maximum of 32 players in each Cricket Association will be offered domestic central contracts, while the remaining players will be offered a seasonal contract.”

“Under the domestic contract, a player will be bound by the obligations of the domestic central contract and will receive a monthly retainer along with match fee, daily allowances, other related benefits etc. wherever applicable.”