Lahore police chief remarks termed callous, heartless



KARACHI, SEPT 12 – FPCCI on Saturday said horrifying motorway rape case has outraged and shaken the people of Pakistan to the core and many are feeling unsafe.

A stranded woman was gangraped in front of her children at gunpoint was a disgraceful incident that has scared and shamed the nation, it said.

The incident has exposed the highly politicised and inefficient Motoway and Punjab police warring over jurisdiction leavying a women on the mercy of criminals, said Dr Murtaza Mughal, Chairman FPCCI Central Committee on Insurance.

He said that it is the same police which is notorious for violating law and limits if persobal interest is involved but it will never ready to help those in need.

Dr Murtaza Mughal who is also and President Pakistan Economy watch said that the gory situation was made much uglier by the newly-appionted Lahore police chief who blamed the victim while offering no sympathy at all.

He added that the callous remarks of a senior police official were not criticised by senior members of the government rather some of them supported their favourite officer which has disappointed masses.

Police has contributed to the public outrage and left the women enraged, ignored and more unsafe reflecting that how they regard human rights in Pakistan.

How can people trust heartless politicians and top officials overseeing security of important cities, he questioned.

Rapes and merciless child rapes are increasing in the society leading people to call for public hangings of all those convicted of such crimes. Recently a bill was passed calling for such a punishment for anybody convicted for sexual abuse and murder of children but the government opposed it and it was not enacted into law, he said.

Demanding capital punishment for all those involved in rapes he said that society will never be safe unless Islamic punishments are enforced.