650 robberies, theft cases reported in ten days in Faisalabad



FAISALABAD, SEPT 11 – In the third largest city of Pakistan, hundreds of robberies, burglaries, shoplifting and muggings have resulted in the seizure of millions of rupees in cash, jewelry, motorcycles and vehicles from citizens just in 10 days. 650 cases of robbery and burglary have been registered in citywide police stations in last ten days and many people didn’t register their complaints due to the inappropriate attitude of the police towards the public.

Mobile shop owner Dawood said that in one of my mobile shops located in Gulfshan Colony, robbers took employees and customers hostage and looted Rs 11 lakh cash and 10 mobile phones. Another shopkeeper, Waqas Ahmed, said he was on his way home at night after closing his shop at Gulistan colony when robbers robbed him of Rs 20 lakh. Citizens say police could not trace the any incident despite blockades.

Horrific increase in incidents due to criminal negligence of police scared citizens of Faisalabad. Ali Ahmed, a resident of a village, said, “Now our humanity is dead. I saw an old man in distress. He was walking alone. I gave him a lift on my motorbike. When he saw no one on the road, he snatched my motorbike from me. He shot and wounded me.

A police official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said, “How can we stop burglary if the officers’ housework doesn’t end all day?” Ikram, a businessman from the city, said that due to the special duties of the policemen, the police stations present a scene of desolation.

The plaintiffs have been chasing the investigating officers of the case to pursue the cases and recover the stolen goods, but they are not getting justice. In addition, the investigation of pending cases is not being completed due to which the victims in these incidents are very upset. According to a report of an organization, most of the incidents are related to domestic burglary and robbery in which the accused loot cash and jewelery from the people.

The Oppressed people of Faisalabad are suffering from severe mental anguish due to the negligence of the police and the increasing number of robberies on a daily basis and appeals from the government to replace the incompetent police personnel and provide moral training to the police so that they can solve the problems of the people quickly with dignity.

When contacted Amir Waheed, public relations officer of Faisalabad police CPO Sohail Chaudhry, to take a statement, he said, “I don’t have time right now and I don’t want to say anything about it.