UAE embassy container goes missing


An unknown dacoit got off his car and sat in the ill-fated vehicle on gunpoint; the driver was asked to keep his head straight


Navid Miraj/DNA

ISLAMABAD: A container belonging to the Embassy of United Arab Emirates went missing in Karachi a few days ago thus causing ripples among the diplomatic corps. The incident has evoked a sense of insecurity among the diplomatic community, confided the diplomatic sources to this scribe.

According to details, a diplomatic cargo belonging to the UAE embassy en-route to Islamabad via vehicle No KC 9462 was stolen by unknown persons.

The details further reveal, the clearing agent of the embassy has filed an application at police station Gizri, DHA Phase 4, Karachi in which details of the robbery have been spelled out.

Details show that the driver of the vehicle collected the cargo from the Karachi Port after its clearance at around 12 noon on the day the incident took place.

The report lodged with the police further reveals that an unknown dacoit got off his car and sat in the ill-fated vehicle on gunpoint. The driver was asked to keep his head straight and to follow the instructions of the dacoit who was sitting beside him with a weapon.

The driver was made to drive around the area of Defence Phase 2, with a vehicle at the back following them. After a short while another vehicle joined them and the dacoit inside the vehicle asked the driver to follow it. The driver was then told to get off the vehicle and keep a complete mum about the happening, if he wanted to save his life.

The driver however did not listen to them and decided to follow them on a motorbike. The driver was stunned to see the vehicle entering the premises of a Consulate.

The driver also informed that while they were in defense and driving around, he saw many houses with CCTV cameras outside and the same may be investigated and checked to find about the vehicle that entered the Consulate.

The driver has already recorded his statement before the investigating officer.

Sources say the UAE embassy officials have requested the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the law enforcement agencies to help them recover their belongings.