China’s made robots to get operated in Matiari-Lahore project



ISLAMABAD, Sep 9 –  Twenty intelligent inspection robots made in China finished debugging in last week, Gwadar Pro reported on Wednesday. According to the overall construction of the Matiari-Lahore ±660 kV DC Power Transmission and Transformation Project, it is expected that all the robots will be put into operation in March next year.

Regular inspection is a crucial part for the stable operation of key equipment in the project.

However, the traditional methods have many disadvantages, which have brought huge challenges for both workers and project, such as high labor intensity, low work efficiency and poor detection quality.

In order to make up for the deficiency of traditional fixed-point monitoring and manual inspection, the State Grid Corporation of China has started to develop intelligent inspection robot system for valve hall in 2012.

The system can realize all-weather, all-directional, all-autonomous intelligent inspection and monitoring.

inspection robots for valve hall will effectively reduce labor intensity, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and improve the automation and intelligence level of normal inspection and management.

Since this March, the project group has selected 4 technicians and appointed them to debug the intelligent inspection robot system for valve hall.

After a long-term field debugging in the project, the 20 robots were permitted to be utilized in the project.

Up to now, the company has more than 270 valve hall robots service in Chinese major power transmission stations.

Matiari-Lahore ±660 kV DC Power Transmission and Transformation Project, an important project under CPEC, is the first HVDC transmission line jointly built by Pakistan and China.