Deputy Mayor visits Muharram procession route, reviews arrangements


ISLAMABAD, AUG 28 (DNA) – Upon the special directions of Mayor Islamabad, Sheikh Ansar Aziz the Deputy Mayor Islamabad Zeeshan Naqvi visited the rout of 9th Muharram’s procession in G 6 here on Friday.

He summoned the heads of all the relevant departments and inspected the preparations. Deputy Mayor directed all the departments for handling all the matters timely with accuracy.

According to detail, Deputy Mayor Islamabad Zeeshan Naqvi visited the route of the central procession of 9th Muharram at G 6.

He inspected the ways of procession from security point. The heads of the relevant departments were also present there. They were summoned by the Deputy Mayor to ensure the strict law and order situation for avoiding any mishap.

Zeeshan Naqvi assured at the occasion that 1122, fire brigade, DMA, and Ambulance service will be immediately provided in case of any emergency. The mourners will not face any difficulty at entry and exit points. Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) will also arrange milk and water for mourners, he added.

The administration of the procession hailed the performance of MCI. DNA