Travel with PIA from Karachi to Islamabad for Rs7,860


PIA has reduced fares for domestic flights operating from Islamabad to Karachi and Lahore, and Lahore to Karachi. Abdullah Hafeez, the airline’s spokesperson, confirmed on Saturday that passengers heading from Karachi to Islamabad without baggage will be charged Rs7,860 one-way. But, they’ll have to pay Rs8,574 if they bring bags.

The airline schedules four flights to and from Islamabad and two to and from Lahore every day. The new fares have been applied with immediate effect.

The airline has been reducing fares for many domestic flights since the coronavirus pandemic hit Pakistan. The spokesperson had explained to SAMAA TV that the move is likely to encourage more people to travel.

In June, PIA was charging over Rs12,000 on all domestic flights, but the fares have gone down gradually.