FBR unearths massive tax evasion of Rs4.36 billion in Lahore


LAHORE: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has uncovered tax evasion worth Rs4.36 billion in a registered manufacturing unit in Lahore.

As per details, a food manufacturing unit in Lahore was raided by director Intelligence and Investigations-IR Lahore, where the fraud was unearthed.

The unit saved tax of Rs4.36 by hiding its actual production and sales. The case for the recovery of the sales tax from the food manufacturing unit has been sent to the field office of the FBR.Last week, Chairman of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Javed Ghani had issued directions to all the FBR field offices to expedite operation against tax evasion and play an active role to stop the menace of fake and flying invoices.

In a statement, the chairman had explained that all those who are found involved in fake and flying invoices and causing tax evasion would be dealt with strictly in accordance with the law.

The organization would also take prompt action against its own employee if the employee is found involved in crime.