151 Chinese employees backed to operate Sahiwal project



ISLAMABAD, Aug 15 : As many as 151 Chinese technicians from China Huaneng Group (CHNG) from Shandong province returned to Pakistan to put into operation the Sahiwal power station.

According to a Gwadar Pro’s report, recently Sahiwal power station has been under the pressures brought by both COVID-19 and climate.

In addition, the two units of Sahiwal project were supposed to be stopped for major overhaul in September. Therefore, it is in urgent need to deploy professional technicians from China to support the project, especially the missions of maintenance.

Though the situation of COVID-19 has been severe since June, CHNG decided to arrange their 151 professional and technical personnel back to Sahiwal project.

The project leader said the most important duty of CHNG is to ensure the stable operation of Sahiwal project and meeting the electricity demand of the Pakistani people.

In order to avoid the risk that coronavirus might be brought to Pakistan, CHNG has adopted the highest standard of epidemic prevention measures. The manager said, each staff has passed nucleic acid test 72 hours before the trip.

After arriving at Lahore, all the 151 personnel and their luggage were disinfected. Meanwhile, the project manager also adopted a seamless transport for the staff.

After a 20-hour journey, the technicians, with normal body temperatures, arrived at Sahiwal power station.

On arrival, they have been quarantined for 14 days. After the end of the quarantine, 151 employees will be tested again for nucleic acid on 23th and gradually put into the project.

CHNG Sahiwal power Station is the first large-scale clean coal power project under CPEC. It has several power generation units with the largest capacity, most advanced technology, and fastest construction speed in Pakistan.

Since its operation, Sahiwal plant has kept a good safety record and has received the “Outstanding Contribution Award” issued by Prime Minister.