China, Pakistan’s universities to promote coop in textile under CPEC


BEIJING, Aug 11 (DNA): Shanghai University of Engineering Science (SUES) and National Textile University (NTU), Pakistan have renewed their commitment for promoting mutual cooperation in textile sector, under China, Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

According to China Economic Net, they decided to make all possible effortsto “promote bilateral exchanges and cooperation in textile engineering via Internet”. It was noted that “COVID-19 did affect the onsite, face-to-face cooperation between China and Pakistan’s universities.” They hoped that the situation will soon come to normal to interact face-to-face.

According to an agreement SUES and NTU signed earlier, they will promote bilateral exchanges and cooperation in teaching, scientific research, academic conferences, seminars, symposiums, long-term and short-term student exchange programs.

The two sides will undertake programs and industry-university collaborations, so as to build a demonstration platform for textile engineering technology exchanges.

Officials of SUES told China Economic Net that the 2020 AATCC Sustainability Innovation & Fashion Technology International Conference (AATCC-SIFTIC) will be held in October by School of Fashion Engineering (SFE), SUES in the form of online video conference, in which professors from NTU will participate.

“The majors of NTU and SUES’s School of Fashion Engineering is highly consistent with each other,” said source from SUES, “therefore, through the agreement, we are committed to promoting the international IUCs between the two schools, of which the key step is to enroll NTU students into SUES’s IUC projects.”

SUES added that School of Fashion Engineering (SFE) is a multidisciplinary and coordinated developing school based on textile and fashion engineering technologies.

It has built the “Quadra-Cooperative Mode” of “Cooperative Education, Cooperative School-Running, Cooperative Innovation, and Cooperative Employment” with industries.

SFE is also equipped with two ministerial and provincial research bases, and a National Engineering Practical Education Centre co-founded with the enterprise in China.

China and Pakistan are iron-clad brothers that enjoy a profound friendship and mutual cooperation,” the officials said, adding that the educational exchange and cooperation between the two universities can provide human resources and technical resources for the economic and trade cooperation in fields of textile and apparel.

They hoped that such cooperation will get a big boost under the framework of Belt and Road Initiative and CPEC.