CAA issues alert for Karachi Airport after rain forecast


KARACHI : The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)has issued an alert for Jinnah International Airport after weather forecast about another spell of rainfall in Karachi.

The CAA has directed for taking steps to address an emergency situation and to tackle the strong winds during the rough weather.

The CAA has issued instructions for adding surplus weight with fixed wing small aircraft and rotary wing (helicopters), Airport Manager Imran Khan said.Additional Director CAA has issued a notification with regard to precautions during the rough weather.

The CAA has also instructed for transfer of light equipment at the airport to a place of safety in case of bad weather.

The electrical department has been ordered to repair broken wires ahead of the bad weather and to keep the beacon lights at the airports control tower and other high rise buildings in good shape.

Moreover, the CAA has also directed for fumigation at the airport to tackle insects during the monsoon and deployment of shooters to limit the bird movement in the area.