Belt & Road project to bring peace and prosperity in the region: experts


CGSS organizes International Webinar on “China’s Quest for Peaceful Coexistence & Mutual Development”.


ISLAMABAD (DNA) -, Center for Global & Strategic Studies (CGSS), Islamabad organized a special Webinar on “China’s Quest for Peaceful Coexistence & Mutual Development”.

The aim of the Webinar was to interact with prominent Chinese experts to discuss the recent Sino- Indian situation and learn about the latest developments in the Belt and Road Imitative as well as China’s future economic development plans.

Maj Gen Syed Khalid Amir Jaffery (Retd) – President CGSS commenced the session by welcoming all the participants, especially the Chinese speakers for joining the unique webinar. He stated that China is considered as biggest threat by US for unknown reasons. US is attempting to contain China but this policy is deemed to failure because of the concept of BRI, which has very efficientlycountered the containment policy without firing a single bullet.

Mr. Muhammad Mudassir Tipu, Director General China, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan emphasized the significance of Pak-China friendship and thanked the Chinese friends for participating in this very timely initiative. He stated that there is a need for multilateralism and deeper strategic coordination between Pakistan and China.

He also mentioned that he has had the honor of serving in China and China is an all-weather strategic partner of Pakistan. Within Pakistan there is a general consensus between all political parties, all institutions and the citizens of the country that Pakistan’s closest friend is China and both the counties are Iron Bothers.

Mr. Victor Zhikai GAO, Chair Professor Soochow University & Vice President, Center for China & Globalization, Beijing, China talked about China-India Border Clash and its current status. He stated that this is a very scary situation as what happened on June the 16th, reminds us of what happened in 1962. Subsequent to June 16th, tensions remained between China and India. Moreover, the tensions have increased in the South China Sea, in Taiwan and between United States and China also. We see increasing links between India and United States including the recent concluded joint naval exercise between the two countries in the Indian Ocean.

Prof. Huang Yunsong, Associate Dean, School of International Studies, Sichuan University, Chengdu stated that there are two takeaways of the entire episode; first that the Standoff between India and China at the Line of Controlis under control and the possibility of war has been considerably reduced; and secondly that the China-India bilateral relations have suffered serious setbacks after this border skirmish. China does not want confrontation with India but India needs to act responsibly as well.

Mr. Qinduo Xu, Researcher on Chinese Foreign Policy, Pangaol Institution, Beijing stated that United States views China as a top competitor and adversary. For the upcoming elections, US government is creating distraction from their poor handling of the Covid-19 pandemic by bashing China. So US administration is promoting anti-China sentiments among public and on media.

Mr. Xu Wenhong, Deputy Secretary General of the Belt & Road Center, CASS stated that BRI is now recognized as a project for peace, development and stability benefitting the region and the world. All countries are welcome to take part in BRI and become a partner country. India has not taken part in this project as it claimed that CPEC – the flagship project of BRI – has infringed its sovereignty.

Mr. Zhong Feiteng, Head & Professor, National Institute of Int’l Strategy, CASS, Beijing gave a detailed presentation on US China Trade War, Repercussions and Future Implicationsand highlighted the US trade deficit with China. He stated that China is re-emerging as an economic power equal to the United States and China’s position has significantly enhancedin the last few decades.

The Webinar was attended by more than 50 participants and was moderated by Lt Col Khalid Taimur Akram (Retd), Executive Director, CGSS.