Why DC for Karachi imported from KPK, asks Haleem Adil



Karachi, July 26 –  Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Vice President and parliamentary party leader in Sindh Assembly here Sunday asked why a deputy commissioner was imported from the KpK for district Central of Karachi, when local officers of district management service were available here.

Addressing a press conference at the Insaf House here flanked by MNA Jay Pirkash Lohana, Saifullah Abro, Jam Farooq, Jansher Junejo and other leaders, he said two days ago an officer was made deputy commissioner of district Central Karachi.

 He said we respect all Ulema and want that the students of seminaries should also be given education of other subjects.  He asked are officers in Sindh ended so an officer is imported from the KpK. He said now tenure of local bodies is being ended and deputy commissioners would run them and they would also carry out delimitation.

He said this a fake district management officer, as he used to work as engineer in PTCL. He said the MMA government in KpK made him officer. He said when Maulana had started Azadi March, some political parties had funded it. He said the funded sit-in of Maulana in Islamabad was ended without ant result.

Haleem Adil said that now Bilawal threatens of sit-in and lockdown of Islamabad. He said for this purpose Maulana had visited Karachi and met some political party leaders and as a gift his brother was made a DC for his future services for rent a sit-in. He said this is exploitation of cadre officers of Sindh. It is also violation of the orders of apex courts and we will go to the court against this illegal act. He said after fake domiciles now fake DCs are also there. He asked the establishment division to take action on this matter. He said DCs are appointed in Sindh on political basis and services and governance in Sindh have been damaged.

Haleem Adil said the report about fake domiciles is yet to made public. He said in 2019 examinations were taken on the order of the high court and 18 officers failed to pass the exam of Sindh public service commission. He asked the chief secretary Sindh to take action against these failure officers. He said the Police Order 2019 has failed to deliver. Now  SSP Naushehro Feroze says that the forest area of Shikarpur has become a no-go areas and a Wazirstan. He asked if the IGP Sindh is waiting for a drone . He said IGP is powerless. Police is under the CM and PA of the CM, SSP Farukh Bashir decides about the postings of police officers. He said Kutcha areas of Sukkur, Kandhkot, Khairpur and Kashmore have become no-go areas and more than 90 people kidnapped for ransom are there, and some of them are released after ransom deals.

He saluted the police for their bravery to foil Karachi Stock Exchange terror attack. He regretted that for a few days cops are being target killed. He said the government is following decision of the international court on the matter of Indian spy Kulbhushan. He asked Bilawal whose government has released Raymond Davis. He reminded at that time it was the PPP government and a self-honoring foreign minister Makhdoom Shah Mehmud Qureshi had resigned on this issue.  He asked to which party the traitor Hussain Haqani belonged. He asked who had given India the list of Sikh movement leaders.

He said Sindh is our land and his father had migrated here from Rajasthan which was then a part of Sindh. He said Bilawal instead of wearing Ajrak masks should speak Sindhi language. He said we will not allow disrespect of the culture of Sindh. He said Bilawal is not visiting his own constituency. He said health sector in Sindh is in shambles. He said tow big RO plants of Asia in Sindh are closed. He said RO plants of Manchaar are also closed. He said we congratulate Asif Zardari on birthday, but noting would be done with speeches and they should serve Sindh and its people.