Pakistan having ample opportunity get share of cotton in Chinese market



BEIJING, July 25  Although the international textile and apparel market remained weak in the current month in wake of COVID-19, Chinese cotton demand is still on the rise, says a report published by Gwadar Pro.

According to China Textile Network, China’s loose monetary policy can stimulate consumption to a certain extent, which is conducive to the recovery of demand.

On other hand, in June 2020, Pakistan exported 959 million US dollars of textile clothing, only 5.44% less than the same period last year, and an increase of 27.69% from the previous month, continuing to maintain a sharp increase in textile and clothing exports.

Affected by COVID-19, textile clothing exports reached their lowest point in April, at only 404 million US dollars, a decrease by 64.51% compared to April 2019, and a decrease of 61.16% from the previous month.

In May, with the recovery of the textile industry, textile and apparel exports improved. The export value of textile and apparel in May was 751 million US dollars, an increase of 86% month-on-month. Compared with the same period last year, the gap has narrowed to 36.72%

Textiles, apparel, and textiles continued to maintain a good momentum in June, and a positive trend is expected in July.

On the other hand, due to the gradual relief of the COVID-19 epidemic and economic activity on the right track, textile and apparel orders for autumn and winter are coming soon, the report added.