Lahore: Orange Line to hit the tracks in October


The Orange Line Train in Lahore is finally set to hit the tracks in October after multiple delays. The project was started in 2015. The metro was inaugurated but the trains were never opened for the public.

The trains’ mechanical and technical trials have been conducted. The Mass Transit Authority has now handed over the project to the joint venture of NORINCO, the Guangzhou Metro Group and the Pakistani Daewoo company.

In the upcoming three months, drivers will be provided specialised training and licenses.

The ticket fee for the metro is still under consideration. Punjab Transport Minister Jahanzaib Khan toldthat they are considering a ticket between Rs50 and Rs60 for now.

He said that the delay in the project’s inauguration was due to the coronavirus pandemic. “I can assure you that all the work on the train has been completed and we are just waiting for final permission and advisories from the health department,” Khan added.

On the other hand, PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal has blamed the PTI government for the delay in the project’s completion.

“The additional costs incurred in the project should be paid by the federal government,” he added.

The Orange Line is the largest metro project under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Its track is laid out across 27 kilometres and it has a total of 26 stations. The project has 27 trains brought from China. Each train has five bogies.

Every bogie will have 60 seats. For female travelers and people with special needs, special seats have been assigned. The train will start its journey from Dera Gujran and end at Ali Town.