SBP allows APPS for pilot operation of ecommerce payment gateway


State Bank of Pakistan grants approval for pilot operation to APPS for ecommerce payment gateway “PayFast”, which brings the ultimate and innovative solution to address the pain points of the digital payments industry of Pakistan.

Pakistan has over 80 million 3g / 4g subscribers, and a huge potential of ecommerce, the market value is estimated at USD 2 billion with a remarkable average yearly growth of 58%. Covid has evidently caused a boom in online payments as the customer’s preference from cash has started to shift towards cashless means. Nonetheless, the value can be far better if the concerns are addressed as it is still a Cash dominated economy with COD valuing 90% of online transactions.

We have more than 1,500 ecommerce enable merchants with a huge pie left out, this low number is primarily attributed to the dearth of cost effective, robust and secure online payment solutions compatible with multiple modes of integration such as Open APIs, plugins etc.

PayFast address these issues by providing payment acceptance via multi instruments with a User Centric UI/UX, these include cards noteworthy being, UnionPay and other card schemes, Mobile Wallets and now unveiling Bank account numbers as an easy payment instrument. They are also helping merchants to accept online payments at ease, by offering them digital sign up, Developer friendly APIs, plugins for ecommerce stores and the experience of future payments. PayFast is PCI-DSS compliant entity, coupled with a very dynamic Fraud and Risk Management System that will ensure security and compliance of transactions for the consumer and the merchant.

Another disruptive service PayFast is bringing to the table is digital invoicing. Payments can be accepted with just a unique link, ideal for FB merchants, Freelancers, etc as the link can be sent via WhatsApp, FB messenger, email and mobile number.

PayFast will fill the gap of the requirement of a payment gateway in the ecommerce industry. Its indigenous gateway’s services and features would be comparable with renowned international gateways like Stripe, Square and Razorpay.