President: We have all the reserves and opportunities to fight against coronavirus


Tashkent, Uzbekistan — The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev at a video-conference held today again separately touched upon the epidemiological situation in the country.

Speaking about the ongoing efforts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, the head of state noted in particular:

– As you know, due to the growing number of cases of coronavirus infection in our country, we had to strengthen quarantine conditions.

Since, frankly, the whole world today is at war with this invisible enemy.

Every state, every nation that enters into this struggle takes all measures to protect its country, its population. First of all, this threat is screened, iron discipline is established.

Life and work are put on high alert. Today we are in this situation.

The Republican Special Commission regularly analyzes the situation and takes all measures to contain the infection.

We have all the reserves and opportunities to deal with this disease.

Most importantly, our dedicated and courageous medical workers faithfully and steadfastly carry out their work.

I repeat: we must learn to live and work in a pandemic. Because life goes on. It requires us to act reasonably, with patience and unbending discipline.

We ourselves see that with the least loss a pandemic leaves the country in which medical culture and discipline are strong.

We must also follow this path. Of course, over the past 4 months, our people have learned a lot. We have formed a certain experience.

The analysis requires the use of new strategies for the prevention of coronavirus infection, early detection of the disease and the implementation of therapeutic and observational measures for patients in whom the disease is asymptomatic and mild.

The Republican Special Commission must promptly develop and implement all necessary measures in this direction.

To this end, [Deputy Prime Minister Behzod] Musaev and [Health Minister Alisher] Shadmanov review the current test analysis procedures and develop a system that is convenient for the population.

Another important issue is that local Kengashes in regions, cities and districts, local authorities and authorities should carefully analyze the situation in the entrusted territory and, in agreement with the Republican Commission, strengthen or soften quarantine rules.

Taking all precautions, we should whenever possible launch production facilities, increase productivity.

For example, in rural areas the population does not live as densely as in cities. There are territories where the disease has not spread.

In these places today everyone is busy with field work, they work tirelessly.

In such areas, we need to create all conditions so that rural workers can work freely and deliver their products to consumers. Because one day of summer feeds ten days of winter.

It is no secret that starting this year the problem of food in the world will be a decisive issue.

First of all, counteraction against coronavirus, and ensuring the well-being of people, strengthening peace and stability in society, depend on this.

That is why we always need a three-month supply of food.

Taking this opportunity, we express our deep gratitude to our hardworking farmers and dehkans, enterprising gardeners and all our compatriots who are selflessly working in the fields today. We wish them strength and a plentiful harvest.

At the same time, depending on the situation, we should fully comply with quarantine requirements, where necessary.

We all must tolerate for the sake of the health of our family, our children, respected seniors and strictly observe the quarantine rules.

A little patience, and these days are soon over.

“Patience is the key to achieving what you want,” they say among our people.

I am sure that our people, who carefully think over and take actions with characteristic patience and courage, will worthily overcome the current trials and achieve their noble goals.