Energy efficiency of Uzbekistan’s economy is brought to a new level


Tashkent, Uzbekistan — It is planned to save 3.3 billion kWh of electricity and 2.6 billion cubic meters of natural gas in the economy of Uzbekistan over 2 years due to energy efficiency measures.

Such parameters are provided for by the resolution of the President of the country PP-4779 adopted “On additional measures to reduce the dependence of economic sectors on fuel and energy products by increasing the energy efficiency of the economy and utilizing available resources” on 10 July 2020.

Energy efficiency or, in other words, the rational use of energy resources in economic and social sectors is an important factor in increasing the profitability and competitiveness of the manufacturing sector and energy saving, which in turn has a serious impact on energy security, job creation, the growth of well-being of the population and in general development of the country.

From 1 August, the document establishes a tariff for guaranteed purchase of electricity from newly commissioned solar, wind and biogas power plants, micro and small hydroelectric power stations (HPPs), including surplus electricity produced for own needs.

It is fixed that the determination of investors for the construction and operation of industrial power plants based on renewable energy sources (RES), except for hydropower plants, is carried out only through tenders.

The document for the period from 15 July to 31 December 2020 establishes privileges for manufacturers who organized the third (night) shift in the form of applying a reduction factor in payments for the used electricity.

For enterprises with at least 50% of the state’s share, the possibility of reducing the mandatory requirement for prepayment (up to 30%) for natural gas and electricity will not be used.

The resolution approved the target parameters for saving fuel and energy resources in the sectors of the economy for 2020-2022, envisaging energy savings of 3.3 billion kWh, natural gas – 2.6 billion cubic meters, oil products – 16.3 thousand tonnes.

The document also approved the Roadmap for improving energy efficiency in large enterprises and the schedule for energy audits.

The resolution approved the structure and identified sources of financing, the previously created extrabudgetary Interbranch Energy Saving Fund, which is part of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

It has been established that the funds of this Fund are used for: financing the preparation of feasibility studies for projects to improve energy efficiency, including improving thermal protection of buildings and multi-apartment buildings; the creation of thematic training centers; development of relevant startups and participation in the authorized capital of enterprises for the production of installations of renewable energy sources, heat pumps, capacitor banks and other products aimed at improving energy efficiency.

The resolution gave a number of instructions to the responsible structures, including the Ministry of Energy. In particular, it is prescribed within 2 months to ensure the involvement of leading companies (domestic and international) for energy audits at 285 large industrial enterprises, as well as to make a proposal to expand their list.

The document envisages the creation of the Unified Information System of the Ministry of Energy, commissioning, which is scheduled for the end of 2021. Based on the analytical data obtained from the Unified Information System, a mechanism for mandatory energy audits of enterprises with high energy consumption will be introduced.