Pakistani engineer lauds Chinese government’s efforts to curb COVID-19



BEIJING, July 7 : A Pakistani engineeer living in China lauded the Chinese government’s efforts to curb COVID-19, setting a model before the World as how to deal with the pandemic.” I am very impressed by the efforts shown by the Chinese government during the pandemic.  No country has been able to attach the same importance to the life of every ordinary person,” said Rafiq Khan, a Pakistani who witnessed the COVID-19 pandemic in China.

Rafiq Khan, an engineer, has been working at CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. (ZELC) in Hunan Province, China since 2017.
When recalling the fight against the pandemic, Khan thinks that the measures taken by the Chinese government are particularly useful.” Nevertheless, it is not perfect in the eyes of the western; however, it is not what their media reported,” Khan told Gwadar Pro. “I think it is safer to stay in China than in the other countries,” he added.

Khan said Zhuzhou City was closed in January. At the beginning, people were particularly uncomfortable with the situation, because they could not go anywhere they wanted.

The restaurants they often dined at to were closed down. They even could not visit their friends as usual.“However, I think this policy is 100 percent correct. It effectively controlled the spread of the virus and ensured that everyone was in a safe state. I think that is what it means to fight the epidemic,” said Khan.As a foreigner in China, Khan strictly followed the regulations on control and prevention of the COVID-19, according to Zhang Wen, a supervisor of Khan.

When Khan came to Zhuzhou for work after celebrating the Spring Festival with his families in Xi’an, he should be quarantined for 14 days according to the guidance on virus prevention.Zhang said Khan was very cooperative. “I think what I should do is to follow the local epidemic control and prevention measures as all Chinese do,” said Rafiq Khan in fluent Chinese.

At the very beginning of the quarantine period, Khan did not tell the colleagues of the Logistics Department of ZELC that he does not eat pork or spicy food not wangting to bring them any trouble. However, after his colleagues knew that Khan is a Muslim, they provided Khan Halal food.No matter what difficulties Khan encountered, his colleagues would help him to solve immediately. They took excellent care of him, according to Khan.“What moved me most is that after the outbreak of the epidemic in my motherland (Pakistan), China gave lots of material and medical assistance for the first time, which fully demonstrated that China is a country with great responsibility, great love, and great righteousness.I am so grateful to China for giving much support and help to my motherland!” said Khan.