PNCA starts online puppetry for children


ISLAMABAD, JUNE 30 (DNA) – PNCA is starting online puppet show for children daily at 3:30 pm on Facebook. Such kind of shows are not only source of entertainment but also education for kids. These shows will be followed by learning the techniques of puppet making through on line workshop of puppet making from this month.

PNCA’s National puppet theater has its own history of entertaining children and elders equally over the last four decades.

NPT has played a pivotal role in training children for good values through its message oriented entertaining stories and songs. It has also developed dance performances on folk songs from all region of the country to symbolize and present all colors of our national diversified cultures.

Children and elders are thrilled and amused with excitement while watching our puppet shows. We had planned our outreach program (to hold puppet shows in various schools of Islamabad and Rawalpindi in first phase, then schools of other  Districts and provinces in phase wise), international puppet festival and many new stories for year 2020, unfortunately we had to postpone our all planned activities after outbreak of Covid19. We hope Covid19 will end and we will back to our routine life soon.

In the current scenario when everyone is advised to be isolated at home to stay safe, Pakistan National Council of the Arts is bringing a series of puppet snippets from 1st July, 2020 at 3:30 pm extracted from our archives

Followed by this, PNCA has also scheduled WORKSHOP ON PUPPET MAKING every Monday at 4:30 PM for children and elders. This workshop will be conducted by renowned trainer and expert puppeteer on rod puppet.

 we also feel honored that  renowned puppet artist and  pioneer of the puppetry art in Pakistan,  Farooq Qaiser sb having his own unique style of producing message oriented contents, shows with a blend of satire, comics and soft and lovely songs for all age groups will be guiding children to take precautionary measures from aversion to Corvid 19. PNCA is committed to inherit legacy of Farooq sb by introducing live puppets and animated characters in our puppet shows.

We hope children and elders will visit PNCA’S Facebook page to be entertained from our puppet shows and learn the_ art of puppet making. We also welcome the feedback of all viewers.1.DNA