Shoppingum- Pakistan’s first real-time online shopping search engine


Shopping is a challenge when it proceeds you to visit every outlet and market to buy the essential products because nowadays due to the busy schedules people have less time to shop. Online shopping is the best way here which is phenomenally affecting the lives of people all around the world and now also in Pakistan.

Pakistanis are now trusting the online stores and getting their desirable products through online shopping. But the major issues which people are facing during online shopping are who to trust? And which sites are authentic? People are also not sure that from where to buy the products and what is the actual price of the item which they want.

In order to facilitate all these queries, a remarkable solution to all online problems has invented. Pakistan’s young talent has created the most significant and first real-time online shopping search engine named “” This single platform serves all Pakistanis who want to shop online, and all their shopping misfortunes are resolved by

Shoppingum and its features is the single online shopping search engine in Pakistan where more than 3.2 million products are available under one roof from almost all the authentic online shopping stores of Pakistan. 210 stores are registered on where every essential item is available like:

Home appliance
Kitchen appliances
Bulbs and lights
Grocery items
Latest mobile phones
Electronic gadgets or devices
Daily use products
Beauty products

Or every item of Pakistan is available on shows not only the items which you searched but also its accurate description is available along with the market price and price of the product by individual store. solving all shopping problems is not less than a magical site which resolves all online shopping issues within few seconds. It is the only platform which gives Pakistani’s confidence to shop online and trust the authentic stores where their desired product is available.

Compare the price of the product

User can also compare the prices of the products through as there is an option for every particular item to choose the comparison option and by this user can avail perks of knowing the actual and the cheapest prices offered by stores for a single product from all around Pakistan.

Accurate description regarding products offers an accurate description regarding the product as on which authentic store the searched product is available. Details regarding the delivery days of the items and either the store is delivered in your city, or not all such information are also available on a single platform. Authentic prices, along with the pictures of products, are available.

Saves you from online shopping scams and frauds aims to save every Pakistani from online shopping scams and frauds and wants everyone to have the best online shopping experience and get the desired product at their doorstep without any hustle. This platform succours you to link with the most authentic online store for shopping.

Saves time and efforts

This website is user-friendly, and 24/7 available at customer’s service and the customer can easily select the desired store for online shopping of essential items anytime. Just within a few clicks, you can get the product within your price range and budget.

Best pricing options

User can select the price range from lowest to highest or highest to lowest while searching for any product and the stores offering the item within your budget will appear on the user’s screen. Prices can be compared as well easily by just a single click on the website.

Boosting the E-Commerce Industry of Pakistan is playing a vital role in uplifting the e-commerce industry of Pakistan, where this search engine is successfully growing by attracting consumers to shop online and building-up their trust. The positive feedback from users has proved that Pakistan is a country where everyone is united and supports the technology for a better future of the country. So, click on and get the best online shopping experience.