Pakistani marble sought by Chinese merchants



BEIJING, June 23  – “It is the very first time for our company to trade with Pakistani marble traders,” said Fang Zihua, the General Manager of Xiamen Stone Trading Company, adding that Chinese clients are willing to import more products from Pakistan, says a report published by Gwadar Pro on Tuesday.

According to Fang Zihua, the batch of about 150 ton of Pakistani marble was shipped into 6 standard containers. “They had reached Nanan, Fujian Province late last year, but they didn’t get displayed until this June because of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Fang noted.

“The color of this marble board is very beautiful, and its texture is unique. It looks like reddish waves being motivated,” Fang was so delighted to see the pattern that he named the marble “Red Valley”. He further mentioned that the texture and colour of marble are full of changes, and a reddish one is rare.With the rapid development of the construction industry, China’s demand for marble and other construction stones is increasing year by year.China had been contributing significantly to Pakistan’s exports ever since the China–Pakistan Free Trade Agreement was signed. At present, China has become the largest marble importer of Pakistan, with annual imports reaching over 100,000 tons.

“There is no tariff on marble imported from Pakistan. It’s quite convenient,” Fang said, adding that he would visit Pakistan for in-depth cooperation with traders when the COVID-19 pandemic is over.