Tashkent is not only “The City of Bread”, but also one of the cheapest to live in for foreigners


According to the study of international consulting group Mercer, Tashkent preserved its position as of the one the cheapest cities for living for foreigners.

Rating authors compared more than 200 goods and services in 209 cities of 5 continents. Survey explored the prices for accommodation rent, transportation, food, alcohol, tobacco, accessories, house items, entertainment and more.

6 cities in Asia made it to the list of Top-10. Except Hong Kong, Ashgabat, and Tokyo, those cities are Singapore (5th), Shanghai (7th) and Beijing (10th).

The most expensive cities are located in Switzerland, namely Zurich (4th), Bern and Geneva – 8th and 9th respectively. New York also is in the list of top 10 the most expensive cities for living.

Tashkent is landed at 206th position. Windhoek in Namibia and Tunis in Tunisia are comparatively cheaper.