Fergana airport resumes cargo transportation abroad after a 17-year hiatus


Export promotion staff established at the Transport Ministry of Uzbekistan is studying applications from entrepreneurs on the delivery of quality products to foreign buyers by solving existing problems.

In particular, the applications and activities of such enterprises as RTL logistics, UZ-Segong, XinFergana, engaged in the export of fresh fruits from the Fergana region, were studied in detail by specialists from the Airport Development and Ground Facilities Supply Department of the Transport Ministry.

During the meeting with representatives of exporting companies, the issues of creating conditions for direct air cargo from the Fergana region were discussed. It is noted that it helps to prevent difficulties arising in the process of transporting fresh fruit from the Fergana region to Tashkent International Airport through the Kamchik pass, as well as reducing transportation costs which leads to higher prices for export products.

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In order to provide comprehensive support and create favorable conditions for exporters, on June 1, UZ-Segong and XinFergana enterprises were able to send 50 tons of cherries for export directly from Fergana International Airport to Seoul International Airport in Korea.

For the successful implementation of this process, special equipment (Triple) was delivered to the Fergana International Airport from Namangan International Airport. Before the arrival of the aircraft, airport cargo department staff were trained in the use of special equipment and loading cargo onto the plane.

All organizational issues were successfully resolved, and the practice of sending 50 tons of cherries to Seoul was successfully completed. Thus, it became possible to create a wide range of services for entrepreneurs exporting goods from the valley, as well as eliminate their problems with inter-regional cargo transportation, and then send goods directly from Fergana International Airport.