Pakistani student passes online thesis defense


WUHAN (CHINA), May 19 (DNA): Pakistani student Faheem has qualified his Ph.D. thesis defense online, and become the first international student that has went through his higher studies from China University of Geosciences (CUG) in 2020.

According to China Economic Net, Faheem was a doctoral candidate at the School of Environmental Studies of CUG. He has been studying in Wuhan since 2017. He returned to Pakistan for the winter vacation at the beginning of 2020.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Faheem had to stay at home and wrote his thesis under the remote guidance of his supervisors in China,

Faheem has completed on time his research article for graduation purpose . Then, he was worried about the Ph.D. thesis defense. Fortunately, CUG rolled out a customized policy in a timely manner which allowed the students to make online thesis defense. Faheem has finally succeeded in completing his thesis defense via a video conference call.

“I was very happy when I got the good news that I had successfully passed my Ph.D. thesis defense. I am very grateful for the school’s online defense policy for graduates during this special period so that we can graduate as scheduled,” said Faheem.

Recalling the three years’ study here, Faheem told CEN, “I put my all efforts into carrying high-level research work to obtain useful findings for the sake of humankind’s benefits. During this duration, I have nominated as Student of the Year consecutively in 2018 and 2019. I have also won high-level paper published awards. I am proud of my research contribution to CUG.”

Faheem said, “I sincerely thank my tutors Prof. Bao Jianguo and Dr. Du Jiangkun for their careful guidance and strong support. I should also thank the teachers of the School of Environmental Studies and the International Education College for their help and care in my studies and life in CUG.”

Professor Bao said, “Faheem is a diligent and excellent student. He has published four SCI papers as the first author in only three years, while it is usually done in four years for a doctoral candidate. He has demonstrated outstanding study capacity and scientific research potential.”

When asked how he made such academic achievements, Faheem said, “I just say that nothing is impossible to achieve if you are in the right direction and keep moving. The slow, consistent, and steady behavior is key to success. Every day, I learned different tools to make myself stronger to get my targeted research objectives. Mostly, I joined online courses related to my research interest.”

He added that “Some people think that luck is a factor behind the SCI publication. But, I would like to quote, ‘Luck favors the prepared mind’. So, we should fully prepare to achieve our research target in a given period. Finally, I shall say that do not just attach with luck factor and keep in mind that hard work pays off.”

He told, “I have drawn my priority graph, which assists me in judging whether something is a priority or not. During the working day, I remain in the laboratory to accomplish assigned research tasks from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. At night, I am used to taking online short courses. On weekends, I usually participate in sports activities, which is the main source to entertain myself.”

Besides following effective time management policy and drawing a priority graph, Faheem also advises students to put together a realistic plan and establish a routine at the beginning of a new semester to realize their expectations.

Faheem thinks China is a symbol of ambition, hard work, and success around the globe. His decision to study in CUG was based on the amazing academic facilities, global standards of education and research, friendly Pak-China relations, and above all, the love and hospitality of the Chinese people.

Faheem told, “Currently, I am physically in my hometown in Pakistan. However, mentally, I am still in my second hometown Wuhan. My sincere and best wishes are with Wuhan people.”

He said, “The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC) projects have opened windows for education, research, trade, economic and social exchanges, which has further strengthened and promoted our bilateral relations. I am convinced that China is the best place for studying engineering-related degree programs for Pakistani students.” =DNA