Indonesian Embassy facilitates repatriation of its stranded citizens in Pakistan


Out of the 182 Indonesian Citizens 136 came to Pakistan to attend the Tablighi Congregation at Raiwind. Others included 17 students at IIUI, 13 Madrasa students and 16 travelers. Ambassador Iwan Am

ISLAMABAD (DNA) -The Indonesian Embassy in Islamabad successfully facilitated the repatriation of its citizens by a special flight of Pakistan International Airways (PIA) which was announced to repatriate Pakistani nationals from Indonesia.

The news of the flight made possible by the Embassy efforts was cheered and admired by the Indonesian citizens majority of whom had been stranded in Pakistan for over three months as the COVID 19 pandamic forced suspension of international flights.

“We are very happy that we are going back to our homeland and will be able to celebrate Eid together with our families ” said one Indonesian citizen when sharing his joyas he arrived at the Islamabad Airport to board the special flight.

Indonesian Ambassador Iwan Suyudhie Amri was present at the Islamabad Airport to see off the special flight 186passengerthat included182 Indonesians and 4 other nationalities.

Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador Iwan Amri informed that out of the 182 Indonesian Citizens 136 came to Pakistan to attend the Tablighi Congregation at Raiwind. Others included 17 students at IIUI, 13 Madrasa students and 16 travellers. There were 4 other nationals among the passengers that included 3 Pakistani citizens married to Indonesian spouses and 1 Chinese student of Temboro Islamic Boarding School, Magetan, East Java.  “The four foreigners are Indonesian resident permit holders,” continued Ambassador Iwan.

Ambassador Iwan said that the tracking and data collection process of the Indonesian citizens for their repatriation was a daunting task because of the reason that they were located in various cities and regions of Pakistan.  Especially those of Tabligh Jamat were hard to track and contact as they would move from a region to another for their Tablighi activities, he added.

The Ambassador said that limitations of movement resulting from the lockdown and physical distancing policies by the Pakistani authorities, the Embassy adapted to the evolving situation and through innovative ways and tireless efforts managed to contact its nationals spread over different parts of the country.

Sharing some details the Ambassador informed that as per our multiple pronged strategy the Embassy established intensive coordination with the Pakistani authorities, management of the Tabligh Markazin Raiwind and Islamabad, IIUI management and the students, Markaz Jamat Tabligh back in Ancol, Indonesia, and the Pakistani friends to ensure that the repatriation was complete and successful.

The Indonesian Embassy’s offer for an independent repatriation with PIA was greatly welcomed and appreciated by the Indonesian citizens because the fare was way cheaper than the other flights options with  certainty of the date of departure.


To provide protection to its citizens, the Indonesian Embassy in Islamabad formed a Task Force to monitor and respond to the situation arising out of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Taskforce headed by the Embassy’s Defence AttacheColonel ARH Dody Muhtar Taufikwas able to complete the entiretask of repatriation successfully. 

The Indonesian Embassy Task Force also helped out and arranged vehicles from the point of departure of Indonesian citizens to the Islamabad airport and provided road permits andnecessary  assistance for theCOVID-19 negativecertificates issued by the Pakistani health authorities.

The passengers were also given necessarylogistics such as PPEandwere guided throughto fully comply with the health protocol established by the PIA during the flight and the Government of Indonesia upon arrival in Jakarta, Indonesia.


“The repatriation is part of the Indonesian Government’sefforts to provide protection and all possible necessary assistance to its overseas  citizenswhich is one of Indonesia’s diplomacy priorities,” concluded Ambassador IwanAmri.