Covid-19 outbreak led businesses to innovative digitalization



                ISLAMABAD, :The COVID-19 outbreak has led to the introduction of innovative digital applications in a number of business sectors.

                Real-estate firms, for example, are now showing properties to customers through virtual tours, while all transactions are being carried out electronically.

                Due to social-distancing measures, global production has declined drastically, with many sectors taking steps to adapt to “the new normal.” The real-estate industry has responded to the crisis by conducting sales and rentals through virtual tours.

                In a statement issued here, Chairman Antalya Homes, a real estate company, Bayram Tekçe said, within the last month, the organization preferred by foreigners wishing to buy property in Turkey through remote property selling methodology Tele Property, amid rising demand from European countries, has successfully sold 12 properties worth a total of $1 million.

                The exchange rates have also created a perfect opportunity to buy real estate in Turkey as upon the pandemic, foreign currencies have gained 15% against the Turkish lira in a month’s time, he added

                The chairman said, “We have adapted to new conditions by developing innovative solutions for those who want to buy property in Turkey.

                Tele Property lets us provide customers with all property details, such as title deed information, floorplans, prices, availability, and licensing. Customers can also take online viewing tours to examine properties in detail,”.

                “We negotiate, he added, with the seller on behalf of the buyer to determine price and conditions. We then deliver the final contract and all necessary documents to the customer, both online and by mail.

                Through Tele Property, we have sold 12 homes (in Istanbul, Antalya, and Alanya) to German, Swedish, and British citizens within the last month alone.” Tekçe added.