Corona Advisory Group urges govt to strictly enforce SOPs amid spike in Covid-19 cases


LAHOE (Dna) – Corona Advisory Group on Tuesday urged the government to strictly enforce SOPs as ignoring SOPs in markets and shops has worsened the situation and cases will increase by Eidul Fitr.

The Corona Advisory Group has sounded the alarm, saying caution and strictness are the only way to avoid Coronavirus, adding that staying at home with COVID-19 symptoms and not getting tested increases mortality, while the opening of the market has increased transmission.

On the other hand, University of Health Sciences Vice Chancellor Dr Javed Akram has warned that the number of cases may increase till Eid and the government may have to go for a tough lockdown again after Eid.

Professor Dr Javed Akram said that the market and shops should be chlorinated twice a day and the situation could worsen if distance isn’t kept, adding that the markets are causing the virus to spread.

He said elderly people can be infected at home if someone becomes a carrier of the virus, adding that the number of pandemic cases would continue to rise till July.