Abundant aid from China manifests its peaceful national character: envoy



BEIJING, May 9 :  “We have received critical medical supplies worth millions of RMBs from Chinese donors including major SOEs, entrepreneurs engaged in several projects in Pakistan, provincial governments of China and also from private individuals.

These donations have reinforced Pakistan’s efforts to combat COVID-19 pandemic and helped us contain and curb this disease,” Ambassador of Pakistan to China Naghmana Hashmi said here in an interview with China Economic Net.
Hashmi highlighted, “I must appreciate our donors for providing us with the abundant supply of urgently needed medical provisions. Their magnanimity and concern for health and safety of fellow human beings is not only a manifestation of their humane character but also offers an insight into peaceful and benevolent traits of Chinese civilization.”

China was the first country to face the brunt of COVID-19 pandemic and the only country in the world to have comprehensively curbed the disease. After its remarkable success in people’s war against the pandemic, China is now playing a commendable role by leading the international community in global efforts against COVID-19.
“As iron-brothers, all-weather strategic partners and most reliable friends, Pakistan looked forward to China in its fight against the CPVID-19 pandemic.

The Chinese public, state institutions and leading entrepreneurs have made generous donations of an overwhelming number of critical supplies and medical equipment to the Mission,” ambassador Hashmi said, adding that China’s assistance to Pakistan at this critical juncture has again proved that Pakistan and China are strategic partners, and such bilateral ties remain unaffected by myriad challenges and continue to grow from strength to strength.

In order to manage the continuous supply of donations being received on daily basis and its shipment to Pakistan, the embassy constituted a team of four Embassy officers under the guidance of ambassador Hashmi to liaise with the donors and assist them in every way possible.

“We also made elaborate logistical arrangements including spacious ware house, cargo handling and customs clearing facilities which were necessary for a swift and smooth processing of donations till the final shipment.

Some of the equipment like testing kits were temperature-sensitive and they had to be kept under specific temperature conditions for which we made appropriate arrangements,” Hashmi added.

Responding to the adversities posed by COVID-19, Pakistan has mobilized its institutional, capital and human resources for coordinated efforts for disease prevention and control. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the government is at the forefront to fight the epidemic.

Talking about challenges the embassy met in coordinating donations to Pakistan, the ambassador said when China was still grappling with COVID-19 and many cities were sealed, their ability of physical movement was greatly impeded, and the situation was further aggravated by suspension of normal air linkages.

“Therefore we were obliged to establish a dedicated air bridge to airlift the donations by special flights. Besides, the donations had to be sent urgently in compliance with local laws and requirements of both countries,” Hashmi stated.
In order to come up to the task and ensure quick shipment, the embassy simultaneously maintained three-pronged, non-stop communication/coordination with donors, several Chinese government departments.

Hashimi said, that due to overwhelming support and coordination by the Chinese side, they were able to surmount all challenges and succeeded in dispatching donations to Pakistan in a timely and organized manner.”
Hashmi pointed out that, throughout the course of these activities, Chinese government and pharmaceutical industries were coming under increasing pressure from many countries across the globe for urgent donations of medical supplies.

China responded positively to these demands by donating high-quality medical equipment in an organized and timely manner, while working at home to revive its own economy and prevent outbreak of second phase of pandemic, and also remain vigilant regarding some sections who tried to cast aspersions on China’s domestic and global efforts against COVID-19.
“It is a tribute to China that as a responsible and major power, and due to capacity and strength of its state institutions, it independently accomplished all these tasks and came up to the expectations of its friends and global community,” Hashmi commented.

“We are grateful to Chinese people for the warm sentiments they have showered upon Pakistan and we look forward for a closer collaboration to continue our fight against this deadly epidemic,” Hashmi added.