Saboor Ali opens up about depression


ISLAMABAD, APR 5  – Just like the rest of us, actor Saboor Ali has been stuck at home. She’s gotten back into painting, and recently she took to Instagram to share some interesting facts about depression.According to the actor, people diagnosed with depression are smarter than the average person.She said that people with depression have a better perspective of the world and they see situations more realistically.

“So I realised something, sometimes our worst traits, in reality, could be our best. Maybe it’s not demon, maybe it’s like a superpower,” reads the caption. “Depression is not a sign of weakness. It means you have been strong for far too long. “

Earlier, she took to social media to update her fans that she is reconnecting with her old hobbies i.e painting.

She also shared her masterpiece with everyone, and said, “Sometimes it’s good to reconnect with things you love to do.”