‘Arab league ministers council statement resolution regarding the US peace plan’


CAIRO, FEB 01 — The Arab League council at the ministerial level held an extraordinary meeting chaired by the Republic of Iraq on 1 Feb, 2020 at the request and attendance of President Abbas of the State of Palestine. The Secretary General of the Arab League, Messrs. Forgein ministers of member states also attended the meeting at the headquarters of the Arab League in Cairo. 

Having reviewed the memorandum presented by the Arab League secretariat and after listening to the speech by HE Presidnet Abbas and the presentations by the Forgein Ministers and heads of delegations. And in light of the relevant discusions on the so called Deal of the Century presented by the US President and the Prime Minister of the occupation government on 28 January, 2020.

The so called deal does not constitute an appropriate ground to achieve just, comprehensive and permanent peace on the basis of the pertinent international resolutions and law. On the contrary, this deal is in fact a setback to peace efforts exerted throughout the past three decades.

This deal has culminated the unjust unilateral American decisions in violation of international law including on Jerusalem, the colonialist settlement activities, the Golan Heights, and the issue of refugees and UNRWA.

All of these decisions shall not stand because they are in blatant violation of international terms of reference and don’t meet the minimum level of the Palestinian people aspirations and their inalienable rights, including right of self determination, and the establishment of an independent state on 4 June 1967 lines with East Jerusalem as capital, as well as the right of retrun based on UNGAR # 194 of the year 1948.

The Council therefore reaffrims all of its previous resolutions at the Summit level particularly Dahran summit 2018 and Tunisia summit in 2019 and all other resolutions at the Ministerial level regarding the Palestinian cause and the Arab Israeli conflict.

The council hence decides the following:
1- To reaffirm anew the (significance) and central nature of the Palestinian cause to the entire Arab nation. And reffirms the Arab character of the occupied East Jerusalem as a capital of the State of Palestine and reaffirms the right of the State of Palestine to exercise sovereignty on all its occupied territories since 1967 including East Jerusalem, and on its own space and sea spheres, territorial waters, natural resources and borders with its neighbouring countries.

2- To reject the US deal of the century which does not meet the minimum level of the Palestinian people aspirations and rights and violates all of the peace process terms of reference which are based on pertinent international resolutions and law.

To call the US Administration to abide by the internationally acknowledged terms of reference of a just, permenant and comprehensive peace process.

3- To affirm rejection and refusal to deal with this unjust deal and not to cooperate with the US Administration efforts to enforce it in any way or form.

4- To reaffirm that the text of Arab Peace Initiative as endorsed in 2002 is the minimal level acceptable to achieve peace by ending the Israeli occupation to all the 1967 occupied Palestinian and Arab territories and to create the Independent and sovereign Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

And to find a just and agreed solution to the issue of refugees in accordance with the relevant in resolutions .And to reaffirm that Israel, the occupying power shall not earn normalisation of relations with Arab states so long it does not accept and implement the Arab Peace Initiative.

5- To affrim peace as a strategic option  to resolve the conflict. And to assert that the basis of the peace process is the two state solution in accordance with international resolutions, the Arab peace Initiative, and the acknowledged terms of reference.

And to affrim that the path to achieve peace is through serious negotations under an international multilateral framework to achieve peace by the embodiment of the state of Palestine independence and sovereignty on 4 June lines 1967 with East Jerusalem as its capital to live in peace and security alongside side Isarel.

6- To work with the influential and peace loving  international powers to take approporiate measures against any plan undermining the rights of the Palestinian people and the terms of reference of the peace process. This includes approaching the UN Secrity Council and the UN General Assembly and other international organizations.

7- To warn Israel, the occupying power, against enforcing the provisions of this deal by force while disregarding international resolutions and international law.

Israel will be held fully responsible for the consequences of such practices and policy. To call the international community to confront such measures that Israel may enforce on the ground.
8- To affirm full support to the struggle of the Palestinian people and their national leadership by President Abbas of the State of Palestine while confronting this deal and any other schemes undermining the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people and aim at imposing realities ( de facto) in violation of international resolutions, international law and the Arab Peace Initiative.