CDA, Survey of Pakistan sign MoU to digitalize land record


ISLAMABAD, JAN 12 (DNA) –  In line with the vision of Prime Minister of Pakistan to digitalize the Land Record Management the  Capital Development Authority (CDA) and the Survey of Pakistan (SoP) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to cooperating in Surveying and Mapping Jobs planned by CDA for the development of Capital Territory.

The Experts and professionals of the Survey of Pakistan would conduct a complete survey of Islamabad Capital Territory,  prepare a Cadastral Map and handed over to CDA for development of Capital Territory under this MoU.

Basically CDA is responsible for planning and development of Islamabad. To achieve this objective and run affairs of the capital territory, surveying and mapping is an important activity.

SoP has been providing services to CDA in surveying and mapping activities since 1960 and carried out different projects as refered by CDA. To make this relation more effective and efficient CDA requires support in the field of surveying and mapping.

The salient feature of this MoU is that the all Surveying and Mapping jobs of CDA consisting of, but not limited to, Demarcation/Digitization of CDA Land, Cadastral Mapping of Islamabad,  Demarcation of Intersecting Points (IPs) of Sectors on Ground, Topographic Survey before development of any Sector/Scheme, L-sections and Cross-sections of Nullah, Roads, Demarcation of Boundary, Calculation of built-up Area in Acquired Sector for award to locals by CDA, Provision/Repair & Maintenance of Survey Equipments, etc, would be referred/assigned to Survey of Pakistan (SoP). Satellite Imagery or LIDAR data where required for the projects of CDA will be provided to CDA after consultation from SoP. Digital data will be provided to CDA in WGS-84 and UTM projection.

This advanced technology Cadastral Map would not only help the authority to upgrade the land management system of capital territory but also facilitate CDA for the already land acquired as well as in future land acquisition process which become easier and in transparent manner.

The MoU between CDA and Survey of the Pakistan would also help the acquisition of land for new sectors in Islamabad, as well as the correct determination of built-up properties (BuP).

Under this MoU all land in Islamabad will be digitalized, thereafter CDA will have a complete data bank of Islamabad land and this would also be determine the nature of land, land use and owners of the land.  In this way CDA will have the full details of the land, houses and all sorts of property,etc which would make it easier to deal with land disputes and other solutions.

Moreover, in the presence of advanced technology Cadastral Map, the lengthy office procedures could be reduced and  cases would be processed within a short time for the better service delivery.

The digitalization of the revenue record of the CDA would help out to eliminate the changing of land revenue record, submission of counterfeited or forged documents, and frauds cases.

The data collected would also help and facilitate the planning and development of Islamabad in various mega projects and useful for land uses in the light of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between CDA and Survey of Pakistan.

CDA would also provide all required and necessary support to the experts and surveyors of Survey of Pakistan for the completion of survey and would also provide logistic support as well as offices during the field survey.

SoP will arrange Training of CDA Staff on Survey Instruments, e.g. Total Station, Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographical Information System (GIS) at Survey Training Institute (STI) Islamabad on payment.

The MoU is initially for a period of three-years, while it could be further extended upon the mutual consent of the both parties.=DNA