China to develop 19 factories in Gwadar


The Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing said that China is going to develop 19 factories in Gwadar. The aim is to create job opportunities for Balochi youth.Yao Jing said, “China seeks to contribute to the overall development of Balochistan’s mining, agriculture, fisheries and water sectors. The Chinese consulate is easing the visa procedure for the businessman community.”The Chinese ambassador said that 200 students from Pakistan have received scholarships in China. He denied the rumors about the lack of interest of the Chinese government in the development projects in Balochistan.

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The ambassador said, “CPEC would change the economic fortune of not only Balochistan but also Afghanistan and other Central Asian countries and all projects would go through Pakistan.”

According to the Chinese envoy, there is room for development in different sectors including provincial fisheries, agriculture, mineral, and livestock sectors. If these sectors are improved it can help in ending poverty in Balochistan.

The envoy said, “Chinese companies are working to strengthen the provincial irrigation sector while 50 vocational centers are being established for enhancing skills of the young generation of the province. China will invest in the expansion of the Zhob-D.I. Khan highway considered vital for CPEC.”