Iranian ambassador, many others complete their term in Pakistan



ISLAMABAD, OCT 31 (DNA) Many ambassadors are leaving Pakistan after completing their terms. Prominent among these ambassadors are Ambassadors of Brazil, Italy, Iran, Czech Republic.All these ambassadors have completed their term in Pakistan. In Pakistan some ambassadors have even completed their two terms.Ambassador of Brazil is said to have posted to Barbados. He is waiting for his Senate hearing after which his posting shall be confirmed.

Italian ambassador, according to diplomatic sources, will leave soon. He spent an eventful tenure in Pakistan and contributed greatly towards promotion of bilateral relations.

Ambassador of Iran Mehdi Honardoost is also leaving next month. His successor has already been announced. Iran has appointed Syed Mohammad Ali Hussaini as new ambassador to Pakistan.

Mehdi served as his country’s envoy for over four years. Pakistan has already granted consent for the appointment of new Iranian ambassador Ali Hussaini who had served as Iranian ambassador in Italy.=DNA