Canadian envoy opens exhibition “Hidden in Plain Sight”


CEO Serena Hotels Aziz Boolani lauds Satrang Gallery and Director Asma Rashid for promoting art and artists

ISLAMABAD, (DNA) – High Commissioner of Canada, Wendy Gilmour opened the exhibition titled “Hidden In Plain Sight” at Satrang Gallery on Monday.The exhibition “Hidden In Plain Sight” showcased Mohsin’s heavily detailed, large scale paintings juxtaposed with Aliya’s small scale yet vibrant ceramics.

Regardless of the conventional mediums both artists have executed their ideas in a personal yet unorthodox manner.

Mohsin’s intricate paintings create the illusion of a chalkboard and brick walls. This nostalgic and familiar imagery is embellished with different motifs and animal figures representing important moments in his life.


His strength lies in providing an experience where the work is far more than what it appears to be.

Aliya’s style revolves around storytelling and high spirited visuals. The sculptural aspect of the forms opens up to endless possibility of creativity hence each work narrates a different story.

Her fanciful imagination, visualized through ceramics, provides an immersive experience for the viewers.

Aliya also addressed the importance of functionality balanced alongside aesthetics by using  glazes which are edible.

Canadian High Commissioner Wendy Gilmour said she was quite impressed by the great work done by young artists.

CEO Serena Hotels Aziz Boolani also spoke on the occasion and lauded art work of the artists. He said Serena Hotels will continue to patronizing artists even in the coming days. d He also lauded efforts of Asma Rashid Khan Director of Satrang Art Gallery for promoting art and artists.=DNA