Pakistani students all praise for Indonesian scholarship program



JAKARTA, OCT 19(DNA) – The Pakistani students studying in Jakarta have termed the Indonesian scholarship program as extremely helpful adding the Indonesian education system was one of the best in the world.The Pakistani students made these remarks while interacting with a group of journalist and social media practioners currently visiting Indonesia as part of FAMTRIP 2019.

One of the students Sania Aziz told the group that she was pursuing Psychology studies and was quite satisfied with her study. She  further told she arrived in Jakarta a few months ago and was taking her Indonesian language classes.

“ It will take me one year to complete the language course and then I will pursue my masters degree program”, Sania told.

Another student Muhammad Suffiyan from Sheikhupura said he was here to learn the Indonesian language from the state University of Jakarta. To a question he told he might look for any further education or business opportunities upon completion of language learning course.

He said Indonesian people are extremely friendly and easy to get along with. Suffiyan was also all praise for the Indonesian government and the education authorities for extending especially the foreign students with state of the art education facilities.

“We are provided with a decent allowance which is quite sufficient for our day to day needs”, he said.

Suffiyan said even Indonesian people working in the corporate sector were also quite benign and helpful. He cited the instance of his ATM card once stuck up in the machine. Upon approaching the Bank, he got his card within half an hour while his one of the Indonesian friends had to wait for one month to get his card back.

Arslan, yet another Pakistani student in Jakarta said he was from Swat and came here a year ago. He said he came on a fully funded scholarship offered by the Indonesian government.

Arslan further said he had already completed his language course and now was in the final years of his studies.

He said in the beginning he found it difficult to adapt to new environment and conditions however now after one year he feels at home in Jakarta.=DNA