Carpooling to help residents offset toll in Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi (DoT) introduced a carpooling service to make lives much easier for commuters.Residents are hailing the carpooling facility by the Department of Transport – Abu Dhabi (DoT), especially with the toll system getting operational from Tuesday. Mobeen Jawaid, a QA/QC engineer who travels from Mussafah to Dubai five times a week, feels that carpooling will help reduce pollution as there will be less vehicles on the roads.


“The government is very keen on taking environment-friendly steps and, as responsible residents, it is our duty to contribute in all possible ways. I have been travelling five days a week to Dubai for a while now and am eager to share my ride with other commuters, which will help limit carbon emission levels. This will be good for the environment. In my previous job, I had established a system to conserve energy. Now, the DoT has given an opportunity to all motorists to preserve environment for future generations,” said Jawaid.

Afsar Khan is happy to have a means to save money on fuel while shuttling in Abu Dhabi. “This is great news. I am into marketing and travel twice between Mussafah and Khalidiyah. So, if I get two to three commuters to share fuel and parking fee, then nothing like it. This saving will balance my toll gate fees. This practice of sharing vehicles will not only reduce pollution level but result in more parking spaces, which, at times, are hard to find in the city,” he said.

Another motorist, Thomas Thomas, pointed out the need for trusted partners as carpoolers. “I travel from Abu Dhabi City to Al Quoz Industrial Area. You can share petrol expenses, which is good but there are many things that need to fall into place like timing of pick-up and drop-off, and behaviour of the partner. Adjustment will be the key here. I think one partner will be enough to manage. Trust between partners will be a key aspect for carpooling to be a success,” he added.

Another resident Virgil Andrade welcomed the move and noted that location will be crucial aspect for carpoolers. “I am looking for partners from ICAD 2 to Electra Street. Both places are well populated and I am sure to find the right partner through the website. I hope it helps me,” he said.

Anish Swarup, a resident who commutes by public transport, is happy to have a secure option. “I will surely register on the DoT website. If I need a particular ride or late night, I think this will be very helpful and cost-effective. I will wait to see what’s on offer from motorists,” he added.

Residents can visit and create an account which will help to either ‘offer’ a ride or ‘look’ for one provided by motorists.