SDPI, PASDEC join hands for development of marble, granite sector


ISLAMABAD, OCT 07 (DNA) – Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Pakistan Stone Development Company, Federal Ministry of Industries and Production, Government of Pakistan (PASDEC) to collaborate in the areas of research, advocacy, training and capacity development.Under the MoU, both parties agreed to cooperate in raising awareness through advocacy campaigns on potential of marble and granite sector, capacity building initiatives, and joint research projects.Executive Director, SDPI, Dr Abid Qaiyum Suleri and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), PASDEC, Zahid Maqsood Sheikh on behalf of their respective organizations signed the MoU on Monday here at SDPI in Islamabad.

Pakistan Stone Development Company (PASDEC) is a subsidiary of Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) working under the auspices of Ministry of Industries & Production (MOIP) and is mandated to initiate multiple projects to uplift the existing set-up of marble and granite sector.

Speaking on the occasion, Executive Director, SDPI, Dr Abid Qaiyum Suleri said to achieve economic growth and development, there is a need to think of diversification and potential of different sectors, where marble, stone and granite sector has tremendous potential to grow and can boost our exports.

“The sector needs to adopt environment friendly and modern techniques in development of stones to help protect the environment”, he said adding the SDPI will provide research support, help in raising awareness and advocacy support and will suggest best environment friendly practices to help grow the sector in a sustainable manner.

Dr. Abid remarked that the SDPI will be an ambassador of marble and granite sector and will highlight the importance and potential of the sector on internal forums.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), PASDEC, Zahid Maqsood Sheikh said the sector carries the capacity to turn around the national economy and has great potential of generation of employment.

“New technologies and best environment friendly practices can be adapted to help reduce the wastage in the stone development” he said adding the SDPI has proven research and advocacy strength to tap the potential of the sector which will help the sector to grow.

Shamama tul Amber Arbab, Chairperson, PASDEC said that despite there is a lot of un-tapped potential in the sector, there is least awareness and attention towards development of the sector. “There is a dire need of raising awareness and advocacy for basic policy change and intervention for the growth of the sector”, she stressed.

Ambassador (Retired) Shafqat Kakakhel, Chairperson Board of Governors (BoGs), SDPI said sustainable practices and principles should be adopted in the development of the sector.

He said the collaboration between both parties on research, advocacy and capacity building is a welcome step in the development of the sector.=DNA