PPP responsible for not lifting garbage in last 11 years: Haleem Adil


KARACHI, Sept 22 (DNA): Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Sindh chapter president and leader of parliamentary party in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh has said asked that who is responsible for ‘not’ lifting garbage from megacity Karachi for previous long eleven years.Addressing a crowded press conference at the Insaf House, here Sunday, flanked by MPA Khuram Sherzaman, PTI Sindh general secretary Mehfooz Ursani, Hunaid Lakhani and others, he said the Sindh government has started a dog-catching drive.

He said in past we would listen about stray dog killing drive, but now they have launched this catching drive.

He said first the rulers showed a drama by wearing a blue jacket and now they are showing a farce by wearing a red shirt. He said it seems that the chief minister of Sindh has begun a drive to conquer Kashmir. He asked was it not the responsibility of the chief minister to ensure proper lifting of garbage in past years.

He said the Sindh government warns that people found in littering would be arrested. He said this same government has littered whole Sindh in previous eleven years but no arrest is made as yet.

Haleem Adil said the rulers of Sindh have made the city of lights, Karachi, a city of garbage. He said this was the responsibility of Sindh government, which it did not discharge for eleven long years.

He said funds released for lifting garbage are not released from the pocket of chief minister but from the taxpayers’ money. He asked the chief minister to tell people what is the real budget of Clear Karachi drive.

He said people like Sharjeel Memon spread corruption and garbage in Sindh. He said Sharjeel Memon who used to run an estate agency and video shop became billionaire overnight. He said the house of even Liaqat Qaimkhani is not bomb-proof, but the house of Sharjeel was bomb proof.

He said Sharjeel made billions through giving government advertisement to dummy newspaper on basis of commission.

He said Sindh is the province where dead bodies are shifted not on ambulances but on thermocol sheets. He advised the chief minister that besides clearing garbage of Karachi he should also clean garbage from his cabinet. He said the education degrees of Sindh minister Mukesh Kumar Chawla are also fake.

He said Mukesh Chawla has submitted matriculation and Intermediate degrees of one Mukesh Kumar Bansri, a resident of Sujawal Thatta, which is a sheer fraud. He said Mukesh Kumar Chawla has opened dozens of wine houses in Sindh, despite the fact that wine is forbidden even in Hindu and Christian religions.

He said his department registered 600 vehicles and out of them 477 were registered on fake papers.

Haleem Adil advised Bilawal Zardari to also clean his own house on priority. He said Murtaza Wahab is involved in huge corruption in horticulture society. He is not eligible to become advisor or keep any public office.

He said even chief minister Murad Ali Shah is involved himself in Thatta Sugar Mills corruption case. He said Murtaza Baloch is also involved in mega corruption. He said the corrupt team of Sindh government has made Karachi a Karchra Kundi.=DNA