CDA continues removing wild growth from different sectors


ISLAMABAD, SEPT 9 (DNA) – Work on removal of wild growth and vegetation, from different parts of the city, remained continue even on Monday, 9th Muharram, despite gazetted holiday of Aashura Muharram.

In order to remove wild growth, rank vegetation and to improve overall cleanliness of the city, Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Islamabad Capital Administration ICT alongwith Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad have initiated a Clean and Green Campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to revive clean and green status of Islamabad.


Under this campaign, staff of Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad with the assistance of CDA and under supervision of ICT Administration continued work on clearance of wild growth even on weekly and gazette holidays.


Significant area of the city has been cleared from rank vegetation while the whole city will be covered within next one week. Work in the sectors like G-10, I-10 and all other areas is in progress and will be cleared too during the next week.=DNA