Akcent trolls India in ‘Defence Day’ wish to Pakistan


LAHORE (DNA) – Famous Romanian pop band, Akcent, (Sept 6) wished Pakistan the Defence Day in an unique and hilarious way by trolling India with the famous catchphrase of formerly detained Indian Air Force (IAF) pilot, “Tea is fantastic”.Adrian Sina of Akcent took to Facebook and post a picture expressing, “Happy Defence Day Pakistan and Tea was fantastic”, which triggered many Indians and made Pakistani users blossom over the witty wish by the renowned pop band.Akcent is mostly known for its utterly famous hits like “That’s My Name”, “Love Stoned”, “Stay With Me”, “My Passion” and many others while Akcent has also performed concerts in Pakistan numerous times.

The post has outraged Indian users, being perceived as a way to mock Abhinandan who was captured by the Pakistan Army and subsequently filmed making similar comments about his cup of tea after being shot down in a dog fight on February 27.

While Pakistan was calmly and nicely inquiring IAF pilot, Abhinandan was asked if he liked the tea in Pakistan, to which he replied, “Tea is fantastic”.