Islamabad Marriott Hotel goes plastic bag free


ISLAMABAD (DNA) -The Islamabad Marriott hotel has started its ‘Plastic-Free’ campaign to help reduce its plastic footprint in collaboration with Plastic Miracles, “a social enterprise which aims to be society’s change agent and to pioneer innovations that benefit society.“We are committed to working on a plan to reduce plastic bags usage at the hotel. Infact we have already taken an initiative to reduce 70 % of plastic consumption at the hotel. This step was taken as soon as the ban on plastic bags was announced in the Federal Capital territory from the 14th of August 2019. Our management and colleagues are excited to lead the way and to make a difference, “said Maurizio Romani, the General Manager of the Islamabad Marriott Hotel.



To celebrate Independence day and to spread awareness on environmental friendliness, a ceremony was held at the hotel which was an excellent opportunity to showcase this CSR initiative in collaboration with Ministry of Climate change Followed by the flag raising ceremony recycled plastic bags, which were made by Plastic Miracles, were distributed amongst the associates. The initiative was met by outstanding enthusiasm by all including the guests.
The Islamabad Marriott Hotel has always been committed to caring for the community and the education of conservation and practices to protect the environment.