CDA completes development of sector H-11 graveyard


ISLAMABAD, AUG 17 (DNA) – Capital Development Authority (CDA) has completed development on phase-III of H-11 graveyard.The project has been completed with cost Rs. 17.7 millions. After completing work in phase –III of the H-11 graveyard, site soon will be handed over to Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad.Under this project, 86 plots have been properly demarcated, footpaths have been constructed and drainage system in the newly developed area has been established. Furthermore, proper lighting in the area is also being ensured.Each demarcated / developed plot will have capacity of 332 graves. In this way newly developed portion would have capacity of around 28000 graves.

Presently phase I & II consist of around 64 plots and have reached their capacity. Annually, on average basis, around 1800 to 2000 graves are being filled, in this way new facility will full fill the burial requirements of the city for next 10 to 15 years.

It is pertinent to mention here that municipal graveyard in H-11 started running out of space as the number of deaths in the city has been increased due to increase in population; therefore, there was dire need to develop the phase-III of the graveyard.

Now, as the development in the phase-III of the graveyard has been completed, it will be soon placed on disposal of MCI so that people of the Islamabad may not face any difficulty in burying their loved ones.=DNA